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Want to Be Like Amazon?


Want to Be Like Amazon?

Marketing Podcast with Bryan Eisenberg [1]
Podcast Transcript [2]

C’mon, how are you going to be like Amazon – I mean, why would you want to?

Here’s the thing most don’t realize about Amazon – they do so many things like a small business that they are actually more nimble than much smaller organizations and they can teach small business a ton.

Amazon gets continuous optimization better than anyone and continuous optimization is a by-product of caring about your customer.

My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Bryan Eisenberg. He is a long-time featured keynote speaker for many things including SEO and conversion rate optimization and is the author of many books including his newest release, Be Like Amazon [3].  He and I discuss, you guessed it, how to be like Amazon, even if you run a small business.

Eisenberg is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action [4]”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark? [5]”, “Always Be Testing [6]” and “Buyer Legends [7].”. He is an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving conversion rates, persuasive content and persona marketing, and helping organizations improve their customer experiences.

Questions I ask Bryan Eisenberg:

  • How does Amazon do such a good job at understanding what customers want?
  • What are the four pillars of success?
  • How can people take the four pillars of success and apply them to their business?

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

  • How to be fearless like Amazon
  • What you can learn about management from Amazon
  • Why optimization starts with caring

Key takeaways from the episode and more about Bryan Eisenberg:

Are you an independent marketing consultant or an agency owner? If so, you may want to check out the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. It is a growing group of independent marketing consultants and agencies that are partnering and collaborating using the Duct Tape Marketing tools, and really scaling their businesses. Check it out at [8].


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