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Round-up: The Future of Email


Round-up: The Future of Email

As you may already know, we have been running a series on ClickZ all this week about the future of email marketing [1], featuring case studies, interviews, and insights into cutting-edge innovations taking place in the field.

If this is the first you’ve heard about the series, or if you’ve missed a couple of instalments over the week, not to worry! We’ve put together a handy round-up for you below, with summaries of each article in the series.

Day 1

How Lonely Planet used email to launch its new homepage [2] by Seb Neylan

In this guest article by Seb Neylan, Director of Online Marketing for Lonely Planet, Neylan describes how Lonely Planet used email as a channel to promote the relaunch of the homepage.

He details how the brand used its email messaging to position the homepage as the ‘front door’ to its multi-channel ecosystem, the metrics it tracked, and how the campaign compares to email campaigns to launch new products and communicate with its audience.

Day 2

How artificial intelligence is changing email marketing [3] by Al Roberts

Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence these days, and email marketers are no exception. And given the importance of email to many companies’ businesses, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to innovate in email.

Al Roberts looks at the various ways in which AI is being applied to email marketing, from multivariate and A/B Testing to predictive prersonalization.

How rich media can bring your emails to life [4] by Clark Boyd

Email as a marketing channel survives and thrives based on new and more inventive ways of sustaining a customer’s attention – otherwise the audience disengages and open rates drop. Developments such as artificial intelligence and automation give us ways of enhancing the way we send emails – but rich media allows us to enhance what’s in them.

Clark Boyd explores the many and varied ways that rich media can bring emails to life, from GIFs and cinemagraphs to embedded social media, and investigates the brands who are using them best.

Day 3

How fashion brand Thread is delivering hyper-personalized emails at scale [5] by Chris Camps

If you haven’t heard of Thread, they are a men’s fashion start-up doing some seriously interesting things with style – and emails. Chris Camps spoke to Tom Banham, Content Editor at Thread, to find out how email powers Thread’s “hyper-personalized” fashion recommendations, delivered straight to users’ inboxes.

From stylist recommendations to fashion tips, Tom explains how personalized emails go hand-in-hand with Thread’s tailored approach to clothing, and how the company manages to scale up its offering to consumers with a tiny workforce.

Do brands still need bulk email software? [6] by Al Roberts

There was a time when companies wanting to effectively make use of email as a marketing channel had to buy bulk email software to send emails to their customers and mailing list subscribers.

But times have changed, and the rise of cloud-based email delivery platforms which offer many of the same benefits of bulk email software has called into question whether we even need it anymore. Al Roberts examines the advantages of cloud-based email delivery platforms, and considers whether there is still a place in email marketing for bulk software.

Day 4

4 ways to make sure your email technology is mobile optimized [7] by Rebecca Sentance

Just as with web browsing and search, consumer habits around email are trending overwhelmingly towards mobile. In 2016, Gmail reported more than 1 billion monthly active users – with 75% of them on mobile devices.

If you want to keep up with the steady trend towards mobile email, your email technology – that is, the tools and service provider you use to send email – needs to be optimized for mobile. But how can you find out whether yours is? I outline four ways to make sure your email technology is mobile optimized, with suggestions for tools to help make your emails great on mobile.

Inbox innovation: The tools and technology powering the future of email [8] by Chris Camps

The high-volume, low-cost nature of email makes it ripe for innovation. But when you really get down to it, what are the most promising innovations currently being pioneered in email marketing?

Chris Camps lists our picks for the technology that will make up the future of email.

Day 5

How these 11 brands are nailing cart abandonment emails [9] by Tereza Litsa

Cart abandonment is a persistent problem for ecommerce brands, with a global average of 76.9%. But one thing can help to turn the tables: the humble cart abandonment email.

Tereza Litsa analyzes 11 brands who have brilliant cart abandonment emails, and looks at what email marketers can take away from their techniques.

So there you have it – and look out on Monday for the results of the survey we’ve been running this week to find out what our audience thinks about the future of email marketing!

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