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Happy Thanksgiving from the ClickZ and Search Engine Watch team


Happy Thanksgiving from the ClickZ and Search Engine Watch team

To all of our readers and anyone else who has swung by assuming that this is EXACTLY the same message we just posted on SEW, a very happy thanksgiving to you and no, actually… there are ever so slightly different jokes in this one. And the stock photos are different too. 

A definitive lesson in repurposed content, I think you’ll agree.

We’ll publish a couple more things for Europe tomorrow morning if you do happen to swing by the site. We apologise in advance that we haven’t cleared away the plates or no longer fit into our jumpers anymore. In the meantime, have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Now let’s take a look through the stock image library for a glimpse at exactly how the average family will look while enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon…

Adults raising their glasses at thanksgiving dinner

Major surgeries have been carried out in less clinically austere rooms.

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