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Four quick and easy tips to improve your lead generation strategy


Four quick and easy tips to improve your lead generation strategy

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Sponsored content  in collaboration with EditorEye. Views expressed in this article are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect ClickZ’s opinions.[1]

Generating and nurturing leads is the bread and butter of marketing, bringing new prospective customers into the business to make sales.

Having a good lead generation strategy, therefore, is crucial. But often it can feel like you’re re-treading the same ground over and over to diminishing returns – or that there must be some new and creative methods out there which would give your lead generation a lift.

ClickZ spoke to Nick Gregg, CEO of enterprise intelligence company EditorEye [2], to get his top tips on some quick and easy ways for marketers to up their lead generation game.

Competitor intelligence

“In today’s fast-moving world, knowing your key competitors and the market landscape is essential to your marketing and sales strategy,” says Gregg.

Make a list of your competitors and analyse their product names, keywords and industry associations, and use these to discover insights about your market sector and track their movements.

Competitive analytics [3] such as these can give you context for your own marketing plans, insights into industry trends, information on successful tactics used by your competitors, and alerts to any changes in their strategy.

Stay on top

One way to keep on top of all the developments in the industry is to create a personalised reading list. By curating a personalised list of your favourite sources and industry blogs, you can stay on top of any breaking news, as well as read how your clients, partners and competitors are being discussed by the media and by industry experts.

EditorEye’s Catalyst platform can help here by monitoring breaking news on all of the parties you’re interested in, from partners to rivals, all from one platform.

“It gives your team an overview of how your prospects are being positioned in the media and analysed by industry experts, and the best way to approach them during your sales cycle,” says Gregg.

Tracking news

“There are a few ways that tracking news can help you with lead generation,” says Gregg. “Catalyst tracks intelligence and competitor news across industries and delivers these insights as fully automated daily alerts.

“Daily insights are an effective way to trigger new conversations and ideas with your clients and potential prospects.”

He adds that by sharing news stories and insights with your clients, and writing your own analysis on these stories with a weekly news briefing, you can keep your senior executives informed on the latest innovations, product launches and partnerships.

“Curating news into weekly briefings is an excellent way to keep your busy team informed of the latest developments during the week, which may have been missed in the daily alerts,” says Gregg.

How does this play into lead generation? News stories can trigger new business opportunities and conversations with the sales team, allowing you to use these insights to perform better, and add more value to new business relationships and contacts.

Create RSS feeds

“One of the ways we are seeing our clients use Catalyst is to create simple RSS Feeds that curate content into their social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn,” observes Gregg.

“Once they have created a topic – for example, ‘fintech’ – on the platform, they can then use apps like IFTTT, Buffer and Zapier to fully automate the content curation process.

“Content curation can increase social media engagement and drive new leads for your business. Though it’s also important to get the filtered content right, so that it resonates with your audience and doesn’t come across as spammy, but as helpful insights handpicked by your marketing team.”

By using ideas like these to change up your lead generation strategy, you can challenge your sales team to think ‘outside the box’ and not just rely on existing contacts or tried and tested methods for generating leads.

To learn more about EditorEye and the Catalyst platform for business intelligence and insights, visit the EditorEye website [4].

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